Pinghu Sunlake Hotel


Sunlake Hotel is a large enterprise of Huacheng Group and also one of the few foreign tourist four-star hotels in Pinghu city and even northern Zhejiang province. Currently, Pinghu Sunlake Hotel is the only four-star foreign tourist hotel in Pinghu city.

The Hotel started operation from Dec.20, 1998 and, on Feb.24, 2001 it was awarded as the four-star foreign tourist hotel. As the landmark architecture in PingHu City, the hotel is a splendid and elegant European building with 6 floors and a total building area of 2000 sq.m. It enjoys geographic advantages for being located in Pinghu City, which is reputed as the “land of fish and rice”“Land of watermelon in China”“Famous city of Garment Export and Manufacture in China”, National OME High-tech Industrial Base and “oriental port”on the north bank of Hangzhou Bay, the “Golden Pinghu” in Hangzhou-Jiaxing-Huzhou plain, the center of the golden triangle tourist area composed of Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang. In fact, it takes only one hour to arrive at Shanghai and Hangzhou by Hu-Hang Expressway.

The hotel has a total of 107 guest rooms including luxurious standard rooms, single rooms, single suites, sauna rooms, family suites and luxurious suites at different grades; Chinese restaurants, flavor restaurants and Western restaurants; 5 meeting rooms to meet different needs of various businessmen; there are also some high-grade stores.

Government leaders at different levels including President Hu Jintao, former secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party committee Xi Jinping and Governor of Zhejiang province Lu Zushan once stayed in the hotel.

The construction of the second stage of the hotel started in 2006 and was completed by the end of 2007 and had been in operation since 2008. Built according to five-star hotel standards, RMB 150 million Yuan had been invested, with a building area of 26000 sq. m. It has altogether 17 floors for the main building with 2 floors of sports hall, one floor connecting corridor as well as 2 floors of banquet rooms. The catering area can hold 300 people for self-service cafeteria at the same time; besides, the Japanese food area has the capacity of 50 people dining at the same time. In the meeting area, there are 6 meeting rooms and one reception room. In the guest room area, there are 264 rooms including single rooms, double rooms, apartment single rooms, women’s single rooms, family suites, apartment suites and administrative double suites, all of which forming the three main functional areas. This part, coupled with the architectural design of the first stage, constitutes the appearance of a modern five-star Sunlake Hotel. PingHu Sunlake Hotel will be the largest and highest-grade hotel in Jiaxing and even the northern Zhejiang Province. 

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