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Anhua Duoling Huacheng Real Estate Co., Ltd. was established in April 2018. It is located in Anhua County, Yiyang City, Hunan Province. Its registered capital is 20 million yuan. It is invested 50% by Zhejiang Huacheng Industrial Investment Group Co., Ltd. and 36% by Duoling Holding Group Co., Ltd. and other personnel.

Anhua County is located in the north of central Hunan, the northern section of Xuefeng Mountains, and the middle reaches of Zishui River. It is a large forestry county in mountainous areas, a large immigrant County in reservoir areas, a revolutionary old county, a key county in the national poverty alleviation and development work and a pilot county in the economic system reform of provincial-directly administered counties.Anhua has a long history, profound humanities, ecological integrity, beautiful and magical, and is a key ecological function county at the national level.Anhua is rich in natural resources and has great potential for development. It is known as "the homeland of bamboo in China", "the homeland of Magnolia in China" and "the homeland of black tea in China".Anhua Qianliang Tea is known as "Tea King of the World".

According to the plan of Anhua County People's Government, Anhua County Doling Huacheng Real Estate Co., Ltd. will invest 5 billion yuan in the development and construction of "Lagerstroemia Valley" project.

The project covers an area of about 1500 mu, the actual construction land is about 750 mu, and the planned construction area is about 1.1 million square meters. It is planned to build a high-standard urban complex of culture, education, tourism, leisure, health maintenance and high-end community. Its development orientation is diversified products, high-end quality, beautiful environment, reasonable layout, scientific structure, safety and comfort, and in-place service. Environmental protection, energy saving, low density, low volume ratio, pure board type, separation of people and vehicles, fully enclosed, intelligent management.

At the same time, a kindergarten, a first Furong school (primary school) and a junior high school will be built in this area.

Among them, the first Furong School in Anhua County, which invested 110 million yuan and was included in the key project of poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation in Hunan Province, started construction on August 2, 2018.

The construction of "Lagerstroemia Valley" project will speed up the new urbanization of Anhua, constantly improve the city's taste, improve the living and educational environment, realize the integration of production and city development, and strive to create a new business card of Anhua city.

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